The BUC (less) thread..

this is a thread for all those poor people who couldn’t make it to the BUC,
what’s your 'reason you can’t go?

i’m in the middle of my AS level exmas and got crap revison to do so couldn’t go :frowning:

I cant go cause its too far away, and I have no money to get over there with.

Hopefully I can make it sometime with the oncoming years, same with Moab, and all the others, as for now, I’m BUCless!

11 hours total on the train in one weekend.

Re: The BUC (less) thread…

Time and money. That’s what’s kept me away :frowning:

Well, time, money and a f*cked up knee[1]. But mostly time and money.

But I’ll be there next time though.


[1] Ok, so going out on my newly aquired muni today didn’t help it
much… but you’ve gotta do it!

Work. My last exam is in a week, and I’ve got project deadlines on monday and tuesday. But it’s nearly over! June 2nd, then I’m free!*


*free, as in ‘free to start three years of post-grad study.’ Hmm, is this wise?

Funds and other commitments - Too little of one and too many of the other.

I went on a night out on Friday to cheer myself up a bit. Had a great night…They were selling chewing gum at the club called “Boogie Ice”. I bought some to stave off the post boogiejuice imibing breath.

i just got back from BUC and it was soooo much fun

shame u couldnt all have come


joking! :stuck_out_tongue:

but i am very very jealous

Enters thread cautiously

Shame you guys couldnt make it. Check my other thread to feel bad, mwuhahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

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My main reason for not going was having too much university work to do. I ended up hardly doing any and having a good weekend, it’s just a shame that it didn’t involve unicycling!

I will definitely be at the BUC next year!

We missed you all.



Sorry…sorry…sorry… about scheduling it in the middle of exam season; this was a total oversight. If it makes you feel better then you probably made the right choice putting the exams first.

Does anyone know where BUC will be next year?

I don’t know if it is decided at BUC like with BJC and EJC or whether it is left until later in the year to arrange.

BUC was a good weekend. I have to admit though, that there was a lack of space whilst the hockey was on as only 10 people were riding in the big hall and everyone else who wanted to ride had to squeeze into the other two small halls or go outside in the rain.

The show being so late starting was tiresome too although it was worth the wait just to see Luke Wilson’s routine, he is certainly one of the best juggers around and he seemed to be quite good on a unicycle too.

See you there next year (Wherever there might be).

i cudnt go

hi all i cudnt goto buc b coz my second job kicked in, im teaching a circus skills course at south east essex college, so i got to juggle and teach people to ride unicycles and get paid for it so its not all bad.

treepotato i pmd u! :slight_smile:

much love,

southend juggling club

Don’t worry, I know what it’s like to miss out a BUC. There’s always next year (subject to dates clashing with exams etc).

Some people I looked forward to seeing I didn’t see. Namely Phil Himsworth (phil), Sam Wakeling (redwelly) and Adam Gayne (gayno). Where were you?

Liam (domesticated ape) and Spencer (Semach.the.monkey) sorry I didn’t see you there either, maybe we’ll meet again at a future unimeet or Muni ride or whatever…