The best uni to start on?

hey Everyone
Since buc ive been really keen to learn to ride but because i don’t have a uni myself i was wondering if anyone could suggest the best type to learn on.
Edd suggests a trials because if he’s building it he wants a new one too :wink: , he also said that as the wheel is thicker it might be easier to control, or is he just saying this so he gets a new uni. lol

Please help! Thanx guys n gals!:smiley:

btw its true what your friend says about tyre its easir to learn on but A tad bit harder to control

the smaller the wheel the easier it is to learn.

i think you’d be best off learning on 20" wheel. Something with a not-so-knobby tyre would also be good too if your doing mainly on road activites

torker lx is a good one to start out on.

I learnt on a Nimbus 24". Didn’t have any probs with wheel size although I am short - 5’ 4’’. What I would say is getting something that is decent quality is worthwhile. The seat takes a hammering when you are learning. Mine was well made and has weathered the experience but I imagine a cheaper one might have ended up shredded.


Jo, why did you not ask me? You know the crazy amount of uni’s in our bike shed if you want one to practise jus come an nick one, i would suggest my 20" amaco, although Tet is right the saddle did take a hammering :roll_eyes:

Jus ask me

I don’t think Torkers are available here… at least, I’ve never seen one for sale.

A 20"/19" trials unicycle would probably be fine to learn on, but I reckon it’s a bit easier to control a less-sticky freestyle-type tyre. Plenty of people learn on trials or even muni tyres though.


hey thanx peeps for all your help im still a lilttle undecided though:D
Thanx anyways i will probs just nick one but when i buy one ill try and make sure its the best;)

its not all THAT important. I started on my 24x2.6 DX and i didnt really have any problems with it. Yeah im sure it might be a little easier with an lx but im so glad i went with the DX.