The Best of Shaun Johanneson Video

What’s up everyone?

I’ve taken all my best clips from my videos from the last year and a half and compiled them into this video. You’ll be able to tell by the different quality of the clips. Enjoy.

-Shaun Johanneson

well music wasnt so great but movie was pretty good.

great video. i wished I could do alot of the stuff in that video

Don’t we all?

Sweet vid shaun. Did you ever make that 18 stair?

The page won’t load…can you upload it to the gallery?

Not working for me either :frowning:


it sais this at me

The video you have requested is not available.

If you have recently uploaded this video, you may need to wait a few minutes for the video to process.

i get the same error as ntappin

it worked for me!!! that is some amazing rideing but not the music…

I thought it was cool music.

:astonished: A Shaun compilation vid with not one “HA!”?

That was so awesome. What is your biggest handrail so far? I really like how you are mixing up your vids more now;)

There is always someone who hates the music no matter what people pick…

worked for me finally. awesome. music fits pretty well. i liekd it.

Heh, nice. But its shaun, so we expect it, right? I wanna see that BigSpinCrankFlip!

SICK!!! dude that backslide on the red rail was natty!!! dude the whole video was tight!

Wow, ANOTHER video from Shaun! Cool! Thank’s for putting the time and effort to make videos man.

Glad you stuck the 720 in there.

Awesome dude, Im kinda scared about doing that rail with you haha.


Shaun, sweet video. And that’s definitely some impressive riding!


holy crap that was awesome!

abgefahren! Damn sick!