The Beginners "Today I..." Thread

Two Brags: Two Unassited Mounts in a Row + First Uni Repair

OK, it was not today, it was yesterday, but not too late to brag.

Yesterday I trued up my wheel and didn’t mess it up—it was hitting the rim just a wee little bit. Then I took it out to play, and I actually busted out two unassited mounts in a row. I’ve been riding just over four months.

I also got my frist shin-scrape, but that’s not bragging, that’s telling you I haven’t bought any protection yet. Ha!

Today… I’m busy applying for layoff benefits.

The bummer is I lost my indoor riding area inside the vacant building
at work (I practiced every day at lunch).

I had a 5" ramp, a 2" x 54" board, a 7" x 101" board, a 5" wide zigzag (about
5 feet per section, 3 sections, 45° joints with nice splice plates - never made
the whole length) an IUF course (never made it through) and a slalom (10 snapple
bottle caps spaced 2 meters apart, with markings for 1.5 and 1 meter as well).

A 1/10th mile course.

A platform and several 2x4 curbs to start from.

It was all laid out with marker and permanent marker on the concrete
floors which were stripped of tiles. I also swept up nails and screws and
other FOD.

All indoors.

It rains a lot in Seattle… where am I gonna ride now? :frowning:

I feel your pain. Especially with the rain today. Gotta look for a school or something, parking garage. Anything. Its hard to find around here. Or you could start doing more road type rides or trail rides, i know there has to be at least one good trail around you somewhere, and get some pedals with metal pins so you dont have your feet slipping…
I do a lot more tricks and that kind of thing, so I can ride in my garage, if it stays dry. But its still nice to be able to have a big area to ride around in(I dont dont have one).

That IUF obstatcle course is tougher that it seems. I only tried it one day, and I came home and put on shorter cranks and removed my pedal extenders. I also put on metal pedals so I can twist harder without my feet twisting off the pedal.

I’m going to have to find some torso flexibility in this old man’s back to do better around those cones. But find it a fun challenge and it dovetails with the skills I will need for basketball.

Not only rain here but cold rain. Nicer tomorrow.

Mark42 - sorry to hear about your layoff. Hopefully you’ll find something else soon with a better indoor place to ride & no nails to sweep…

Today I rode my longest ride. It was 5.2 miles on a walking/biking paved trail called Struble Trail. Did it on my 29". One UPD - going too fast and hit a mega bump, went over the front & did a roll off my left shoulder- martial arts kicking in. Bit of road rash - nothing major. The ride was a blast!!!

Yesterday I failed doing a 33 cm. jump up onto a wagon and landed and bent the side and then the wagon flipped over and I landed upside down hitting my shoulder on the ground.

Been meaning to get up to the struble! Maybe one day after work when the sun sets later… They are paving that whole rail road bed trail at 30 and 202 now, so that funs all gone

I have the same roll instinct from the same source. I can’t imagine riding without that skill. Let’s me feel comfortable riding without wrist guards.

I find that the bigger the uni, the more important the shoulder roll is. I took my 36er out on a trail that leads to work today. I wanted to see if I could park at the rec centre on the way to work and ride the rest of the way. It turns out that the ride from there is fairly short, only a couple of kilometres so it won’t be much of a workout. I’m a little disappointed. The full ride from home is a little long for me yet and has a huge hill.
The section I rode does have a really steep section and I almost went over the front going down a hill and I instantly thought of Joebike’s shoulder roll and what it would do to the laptop in my backpack! :astonished:

Because the ride was so short I spent some time in the big rec centre parking lot trying to do some turning and cornering. I was surprised to find how maneuverable the 36 is when you want it to be (I probably still couldn’t react to something if I needed to). I have really just spent time going in a straight line until now. I created an bit of an obstacle course and had some fun. I am thinking of taking off the touring bar for a while and spending more time trying to muni and fool around more on the 36.

ok so today i finally was able to hop up onto things about 7 inches tall. i dont want to be able to jump higher than a foot, but once i can, how do i learn to jump out and up, as in from boulder to boulder?

In the past few days I have done a lot. I stripped my nimbus frame, and also seatpost. Hopefully this will all match with my new wheel. It’s going to be a bright green rim, silver spokes, and a yellow rim strip. My total setup will be stripped seatpost, yellow clamp, stripped frame, green rim, and green pedals.

I also sidehopped a 3 stair today. I had been scoping it out for the past week or so, and then invited a scooter friend over. We rode for a while, and then I went for it. The jump was perfect. I hit the ground pretty hard, hopefully that will get better with the tire, and rode away perfect.:smiley:

I have a couple of pallets and I hop between them. Gradually I am moving them apart to get the distance. I am also hopping from 2 pallets across a gap down to one.

Learned to ride standing up. Much easier than I thougt it would be. Doing it allowed me to finish my ride without stopping due to seat pain. Yeah!

Now I just have to tackle this knee pain I’m getting. I’m going to sneak my seat up little by little and put on 125 cranks. I notice that when I switched to the ball of my foot on the pedal it stopped hurting. More reason to raise my seat.

Today I tried to idle with one foot on the frame. Surprising I found that it’s not much harder than normal idling. Pretty excited to have it down on the first day trying. Maybe going forward one foot on the frame is next?

Today I parked near the lake, successfully idled my 29" Muni once and rode away on my first try (one idle mount) and then rode around the lake twice (3 miles of paved path) and back to the car with no stops, dismounts or UPDs.

First time I have ever rode 3 miles without stopping… first time I’ve not fallen off my ATU for an entire ride…

Tomorrow I’ll probably try something similar along the river where there are unpaved paths mixed in.

today i finally landed the kick-up mount!!! by far my coolest tick that doesn’t involve hopping

thanks, i will try that. but i dont have pallets. and i figured out distance, just lean much more.

Today my daughter tried her new unicycle (got it for her B’day)
while my son and I rode over a ramp and a board and my wife videotaped.

The long version is near the end of this message thread

You can sometimes buy them from businesses. I bought mine from a local animal feed store. They get bags of dog food shipped on them. They usually won’t give them away as they have to pay the shipping company for them. You might be able to find a business who is willing to give them to you.

Try Criagslist in the “Free” section.