The Beginners "Today I..." Thread

Learned to ride standing up. Much easier than I thougt it would be. Doing it allowed me to finish my ride without stopping due to seat pain. Yeah!

Now I just have to tackle this knee pain I’m getting. I’m going to sneak my seat up little by little and put on 125 cranks. I notice that when I switched to the ball of my foot on the pedal it stopped hurting. More reason to raise my seat.

Today I tried to idle with one foot on the frame. Surprising I found that it’s not much harder than normal idling. Pretty excited to have it down on the first day trying. Maybe going forward one foot on the frame is next?

Today I parked near the lake, successfully idled my 29" Muni once and rode away on my first try (one idle mount) and then rode around the lake twice (3 miles of paved path) and back to the car with no stops, dismounts or UPDs.

First time I have ever rode 3 miles without stopping… first time I’ve not fallen off my ATU for an entire ride…

Tomorrow I’ll probably try something similar along the river where there are unpaved paths mixed in.

today i finally landed the kick-up mount!!! by far my coolest tick that doesn’t involve hopping

thanks, i will try that. but i dont have pallets. and i figured out distance, just lean much more.

Today my daughter tried her new unicycle (got it for her B’day)
while my son and I rode over a ramp and a board and my wife videotaped.

The long version is near the end of this message thread

You can sometimes buy them from businesses. I bought mine from a local animal feed store. They get bags of dog food shipped on them. They usually won’t give them away as they have to pay the shipping company for them. You might be able to find a business who is willing to give them to you.

Try Criagslist in the “Free” section.

For anyone in the UK (or Arizona, there may also be other places in the US), freecycle can be great for things like this:


I actually plan to build two takeoff platforms to use for curb mounts
when we do unicycle jousting (until we perfect freemounts)

All it takes is 2x4’s and plywood… some construction sites will
give them to you if you ask nicely.

Yesterday riding muni I went over a cattle gate way too fast, flipped into the air, landed on the bars hard on my knee, and then rolled onto my wrist and shoulder. I have a couple scrapes and my knee was absolutely killing me for about five minutes, but otherwise I’m unharmed. Not for the first time and I’m sure not for the last time, thank you Kris Holm percussion leg armor! Otherwise I’ve been practicing basketball and freestyle on my new Nimbus X. I haven’t made much progress (still working on one footed backwards riding) but I’m getting used to the smaller 100mm cranks. I was at the 2nd Annual Santa Cruz Juggling Festival last weekend and while it was a lot of fun we couldn’t ride unicycles in the gym. But there were some good places to ride outside, including a sweet basketball court next to a beach volleyball court. I passed clubs idling on a unicycle for the first time!

Waaaly, sorry to hear about your dismount. Glad you were not hurt seriously. What size wheel where you riding at the time?

Today I forgot that I had 125 cranks on my 29". I had been running with 150’s which gave a nice sense of control and felt ‘normal’ to me. A few days ago I switched to 125’s to help with my sore knees. It wasn’t till later after my ride I remembered that I was on the 125’s. So that was a nice feeling that I feel comfortable on the 125’s now. So far I have only ridden them on flat ground (knee pain) but I see what people mean by they are ‘smoother’.

I also nailed my static mount first try today on my 29". No wobbling, no arm waving, no nothing. Hopped up and rode away. It caught me by surprise when it happened. Usually the first one of the day takes me a try or two (this is on the 29").

On the sad side I decided that I can’t justify the cost of the new KH 20" Flat.

It’s a lot of money just to get a little beefier tire than what is on my 20" Freestyle and with the puny stuff I do it’s not like the freestyle is going to break any time soon.

I just checked and the 20" KH Rim is not up on the KH website. I dropped them an email to see if it’s going to be made available.

It is a lot of money. Eventually I’d like to try the new KH 20" wheel on my trials but even that won’t be cheap. Did you ever switch to a larger tire on the Nimbus 20"? Is there much clearance to go bigger?

Today I posted new videos…

I uploaded some new videos to Youtube yesterday and posted them in
my other other message thread…

I’m not going to duplicate them all here; just this one:

Thanks! This was on my Nimbus 26" muni. It was my second time around the trail and I had no problems on that gate the first time around. I just have to watch my speed next time.

today i jumped over a manhole cover. not that impressive but its a start

Mark-- Jousting, huh?

I’ve been riding to school by uni since last thursday and I wish I had a more comfy seat. And a bigger wheel.

But at least, never any freemounting issues, even in the rain I rode home in today!

I got 3 static mounts to 1 belly flop today! that’s success in my book!

I did a 10km ride on my coker. I dismounted twice to rest my nethers for a few seconds but I was really cruisin! I had fun!

We’re practicing for a talent show (a very informal one)

We have a group of friends we meet with every other year.
We all used to live in So. Cal, but many live scattered throughout
the country now - so we meet at a Christian retreat camp in a different
state every two years.

One of the things we do is a talent show near the end of the week we
spend together. Drew and I will be doing unicycles.

One year he did tricks on his Razor scooter. I had been juggling torches,
and had fuel handy. I poured a small line of fuel and ignited it so Drew
could roll over it. One woman would have had to be physically restrained.
She freaked out. He could have stood on the flames w/o danger, but
some people get reason overtaken by emotion & a panic reaction occurs.

She eventually realized my logic & that there wasn’t any real danger.

This year I might make a bar of flames at the tall end of our jumping
ramp for the “Slum Talent Show”.

(That’s if we can go - this year may have to go on w/o us :frowning: )