The Australian Mountain Unicycle Weekend

Just a little bit of what happened at Mt Stromlo

I can’t watch it. It’s blocked for copyright reasons.

video should work now


nice video John, that little helmet cam you had is actually pretty good. Where abouts did you get it from?

Thanks Tomtrevor ,I reckon a HD video camera would have done you guys justice on those double black sections it was a great sight.The camera I used is sort of turn it on and forget about it and look at what footage you captured later on,but quite useful on the weekend.Here is a link for the camera but there are many new ones coming on to the market lately.


Looks like it was fun, wish I could of went.

Hi john looks good! thanks for coming down and riding with us. My ankle is holding up ok, torn the ligaments but hobbling around on it already. Kevin Whatron got lots of good footage on his camera of some of those double black sections so it should be good to see that when it hits the forums. Cheers,

Cool video. You have some great riders down there. The two guys in the part starting at 1:40 were great. No UPD on that section while riding it that fast :astonished:

Awsome Vid. Great job capturing all the action. How do i keep missing meeting you dangerdog? You live not far from us.

cool vid, looks like it was a good turn out!

Excellent video, excellent weekend - thanx for posting