The Art of Unicycling

DAMN Unicyclists: Daniel, Alex, Max, Nathan
Riding in fall and winter of 09-10

I dont want to wait 18 minutes and 10 seconds! THIS ISNT FAIR!

Awesome Video Max! I really like your style in Trials riding:)

What kind of pedals are you using? I want to be sure I have good pedals for trials and that will take alot of beating:p


You’re riding is so awesome. Love the rail ups and gaps, and the 7 :astonished: .

OMG that was awesome, Loved the whole thing, the gap up the staris wow, I really want the trials course at the start…

My jaw literally dropped at 4:12! :astonished:

Awesome video. Good to see you spreading unicycling in your area:)

loved it loved it loved it. loved everything you did; loved the ice background; loved the music.

WOW! awesome guys. max your amazing. that last line was sooo sick…smooth as for what it was… 180 up seat out to massive gap hop over tire to static trey into a sand pit!!! crazyness dude.

:astonished: :astonished:
wow. insane riding, your style is so smooth :slight_smile:

Great to see new people ride! The 7set-sidehop blew me away! :astonished:

I liked this line too, I thought the backward riding into the next position from the 180 sif hop was cool too.

awesome :slight_smile:
nice riding(from everyone…)
But I expected a drop-in grind @ 4:02 :o
and the 7-set hop was sick!!

I really liked the whole video.the big hop on the staris was sick and I also liked the first part with the kids:)
can’t wait to ride with you again at NAUCC.

I thought you were going for the 8 set the second time you tried hopping hop those stairs. :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome riding

Right now I’ve got Kona Wah Wah pedals. They are really durable and I like that they are really slim.


amazing video! and a brilliant first music track - Skillet, whispers in the dark. What a tune :wink: :smiley:

Keep it going, that was awesome!