The Art of Muni: Downhill

Hey everyone,
Its been a while since i’ve put up a video so yesterday i took out my gopro on one of my local DH trails and cut this video. I hope you enjoy it!
Comments appreciated!


ps: It looks much better in HD if you have the bandwidth to use up.

Nice one Mark!

Great skills to ride most of that trails in high gear (or was everything in high gear? This would be just outstanding, especially the jumps).

I liked watching your ride. Cool trees!

Great stuff! You were riding that track with great speed and control!

Hey guys,
Thanks for the comments. Some people have commented on the speed of my riding and attribute it to the gearing on my unicycle- but in reality it has more to do with crank length than anything else (in the video only a few shots in the middle and towards the end are in high gear). I run 125mms cranks on my geared 24 and really like the length for all mountain riding. They are not ideal for super technical riding but I rarely do a ride where that is the only terrain I am on- so it is a bit of a tradeoff.

It would be cool to be able to do the whole trail in high gear- but it can become really hard to control in the loose/lumpy/steep sections. Often it is faster to blast it in low gear than it is to struggle in high (plus the chances upd-ing are much lower)

@from the woods- yeah those jumps could be cool in high gear. I’ll have to give them a go the next time I head up there!