The Albany Ride and the Button Crisis

I met up with Steve, Roland and Bill at the Empire State Plaza for some riding Yesterday evening. When I arrived they were in the middle of the “Button Crisis.” the Shifting Button Cap on Roland’s KH36 Shlumph had fallen off so we rode around looking for it. After findinding it there were tons of cool things to ride. Off to the side there are a whole bunch of wooden structures where would have lived if I had bough my KH20! There was the stair climb - hopping 90 stairs up to the New York State Museam! By the Capital there was a little park with rounded skinnies that were fun. Later Vahgn (I hope I spelled his name correctly) and his girlfriend Jen showed up. Vahgn had a cool kickstand like peice welded on to the bottom of the bearig cap in order to help poping the unicycle back up. I wa impressed. Jen is learning to ride and hopefully she will be freemounting by the next meet. All in all a great ride meet. My first international one since FLUCK 2007!


That’s quite a trip for you… from Yarhiv Israel to Albany NY!
I guess you were in the area for business or something other than a quick unicycle meet.

Actually it was the button to my KH29 Schlumpf.

Fun to have you at our meet-up, Adam!

Here’s a pic of that museum staircase.