The "99" Schwinn's are in

I have found a dealer of Schwinn parts here in Massachusetts. A friend
from work drives by there every day when he goes to and from work. After
stopping for some bike parts for himself he noticed some very shiny
looking Schwinn unicycles. I guess he had asked why those ( a 24" and a
20" ) had still been in such great shape. The reason is that they are
the 99 model year Schwinn unicycles. I have not seen them yet myself but
my fiend tells me they are of the same quality and weight as mine. A
1979. As this is the person who helped me rebuild mine ( more like I
helped him ) he does know what he’s talking about. He also carries and
stocks many parts. I just bought a new extended seat post for my 24" (
$15.00 ). he also stocks things like the bearings I need @ $20.00 a
piece. My understand by talking on the phone with the dealer (Gamache
Cyclery) he stocks most parts for old unicycles because they are made
they way they use to be. You do not here that everyday.

    Is this old news? Sorry if it is. I live in cow country so it is easy to
    get excited.

                                                            Paul D. Spencer

Re: The “99” Schwinn’s are in

Any idea how much a '99 Schwinn costs?

RE: The “99” Schwinn’s are in

> Any idea how much a '99 Schwinn costs?

My girlfriend bought one the other day for her neice, at $159. Price probably
varies by store. Don’t know if it was a '99 tho, or if '99s are different.


Re: The “99” Schwinn’s are in

When I contacted Schwinn they estimated the cost for one of their new Schwinn
unicycles at $150-160. They also said they were made the same as the old
models. I went to my local shop to see one. Its a shop that always had a
couple of schwinn unicycles hanging on the wall when I was growing up, but
they didn’t have one.


Rick Bissell <> wrote in article
> Any idea how much a '99 Schwinn costs?

Re: The “99” Schwinn’s are in

Rick Bissell wrote:
> Any idea how much a '99 Schwinn costs?

I’ve been out of unicycling for quite a while, but just ordered a 20" Schwinn
from a Shrewsbury Bikes in Red Bank, New Jersey. Retail I’m paying $179.
Probably overpaid, but I’m anxious to get back into it.

Raphael Lasar