The 7th Annual South African Juggling Convention

some of the first pics are here

i was just about to PM you,then i saw this thread.

what is that rainbow colored thing in front of that 1 guy?

that’s a skate bike
12’ wheel at the back and skateboard wheels at the front
quite quaint really

oh i see,i sould have known that.

i didnt look hard enough.

blame it on the photographer

i added some more pics for the complete experience…


awww, i’m only in the group one :angry:

Got any more pics dave?

not till u tell me who’s hiding behind that nickname…

I was just about to reply, then i realised i’ll see you in a few hours anyway…

but i really expected you to know who i was…

>but i really expected you to know who i was…

who are u now?


hello niall