The 6th Birmingham Circus Convention - this Saturday

Yes, it’s nearly time for…

…the 6th Birmingham Circus Convention.

           Saturday April 28th, 2001

               10am until 10pm

                Ladywood Arts and Leisure Centre,
            Monument Rd, Ladywood, Birmingham, England

6 pounds in advance, 8 pounds on the door Concessions 6 pounds
Under 8’s free

What does that include?

Workshops Children’s Show (in the afternoon) Unicycle Hockey Games
Renegade Show Public Show

Separate hall for unicyclists - none of those pesky jugglers getting in
the way. :wink:

Two unicycle workshops (beginners and intermediate).

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Thanks for your time.

Regards, Mark.

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!! The 6th Birmingham Circus Convention 28th April, 2001 !!
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