The 2nd Collaboration video- send me your clips

Send me your clips for the 2nd collab video. If you missed the last one, you can see it here

Collab 1

Anyway send me some clips to for a 2nd collab video. You dont have to send them right away but hopefully in the next few weeks or so. Also if your interested and dont have your clips ready tell me so i dont edit it without you in it. Thanks.


I sent you some. Its really bouncy but whatever. It is kind of old.

man how long will you be taking clips? i got an ok standup glide on camera yesterday, and have some stuffi havent shown yet, but gave the camera back to my friend. itd be nice to showcase my 360 unispin for the first time in it.

Oh yeah, just wait a bit, few days maybe, and I will.

I got a clip from a little trials show I rode at.
Can send you those if you want them.

send me any clip you want except for a super long ones. maybe between 5 seconds and 45 seconds?

I wont edit it till i have enough footage. so probably at least a week or two to get your clips. if your waiting to get film something, i wont make it without you (i would preferably want to have it done in the next month or so though)

alright here are the people that i have stuff from so far.


If you want to be in the video send me something at or send me a link if they are in the gallery.

yea I just sent u a little line… I might send you more if I get a chance…

sorry, just a tidbit of annoyance but it’s spelled collaboration

hey u can take clips from any of my movies… the newer ones are the better ones…

thats how jeff spelled it.

alright i have clips from a few more people. Keep them coming.

Send to

Hey Jeff, I sent you the same stuff I sent tyler because I thought he wasnt doing one anymore but now he is again so I will film some different stuff for you.

how big can the files be?

Erm, I was gonna film stuff today but I woke up this morning with a cold.
I’ll try to get stuff to ya by the end of the week.

Alright i have received some more clips, but i would like more.

the files can be any size (well nothing huge, preferably under 15-20mb, but dont worry about trying to compress it unless you have too. I can mess around with it). For video length try to keep it in the 1 to 30 or 40 second range.

I still havent done my filming yet, well at least not all of it.

send to

You have mail!

Trev why are you called skate4flip on your gmail account?


Yea i realise that now


nevermind found it :slight_smile: