the 28er is here!!!!

i got my sun 28er in today, took me two times to free mount that bad boy and off i went!!! i love this thing!!! i read somewhere that you can put a 29 tube and tire on here ??? how can i go about that?? man what a difference it is going to the 28er. with 152mm cranks to my 20" with 114mm cranks hahaha makes the ol 20" feel like a toy! my next uni on the list was a kh20" trials but i dont know i kinda want to step into the world of the cokers!!!

My Sem Deluxe was a 28 when I got it. It became a 29 when I replaced the skinny tire with a Nanoraptor. Your tire should have a marking of 700c on it somewhere; if it does, your rim should accept pretty much any 700c tire. Look for the fattest one that will fit into your frame. The difference in speed between a 28 and a 29 is negligible; I just like the cushier ride of a bigger tire.

Wo, those are some fearsome long cranks…!

The 28/29 is by far my favorite unicycle size. Fast, maneuverable, light, easily transportable. It won’t eat miles quite the way a Coker does, but it suits my needs perfectly.

I, too, love my new 28" Sun. I’d like to get some shorter cranks, but the ones that are on there look like they’re not coming off (they aren’t attatched in the same way that the cranks on my Torkers are…).

I’d like to put a 29 inch tire on mine, too, but I think it would have to be thinner than the 1.5" that’s currently on it, or else it wouldn’t quite fit in the frame - either that, or I’d have to file down the frame…

I too like my Sun 28

Last night I put a 700x35 studded tire on it. The tire is almost as wide as the rim! The new tire is about 3/8" narrower and a tad shorter.

Bring on the ice!

I’ve attached two pictures of it


what type of wheel is that?
like what company cause im getting a sun 28er and i would like a wheel like that, please tell us how it works also

what the heck are those were your cranks should be?

These: Pix of my CrazyCranks adjustable cranks

Nice work on the tire studding, that looks good!

Welcome to the wonderful world of big wheels - flying without wings. My 29er is my fav unicycle. I haven’t tried a coker yet though.


28 is a good size for a unicycle.

The tyre choice is amazing - any tyre made for a 700c rim should fit. That gives you a choice between a super skinny road tyre (huge fun) and a big fat 29er tyre. (The bigger tyre is faster, not because of the extra inch, but because it is more forgiving of minor bumps and errors). It’s easy to store or transport, and safe in crowds or traffic - within the limits of your experience, of course.

As for speed and distance: on my Coker, I couldn’t keep up with Joe Marshall on his 28/29 on a ride last year! I did one 50+ mile day on my 28, and I’ve done a few 25 - 35 mile days.

You’ll have great fun on it.:smiley:

Why the long cranks? A 28 gives a smooth ride and will handle well with surprisingly short cranks. Big wheels are more forgiving of short cranks, at least when cruising. I have tried all sizes between 90 and 125 on my 28 and keep coming back to 110s. With anything longer, it feels more like a “big 24” but with 110s or smaller, it feels like a fast mean distance machine.

I remember the joy when i first got my Nimbus 29er…
Got a onza muni as well, and it seemes much more fun at the time…
But when i first mounted my 29er… and rode away, i could feel the wind to my face!
It was just to pedal… some more, some more, to gain as much speed as possible, the joy of 29er is astonishing. :slight_smile:

I ride mine with 102mm cranks, feels so slow and booring when on 125mm…
And this is just for the winter time with snow… the big apple doesn’t give you the best grip, but it’s fun as long as it’s snow and not ice i’m riding on, then it’s more of a challenge :wink:
I’ll put on the 89mm i have lying around this spring…

I allways get my pizzas on my 29er!
People tend to look strangley at you when riding with 5 pizza boxes in your arms, but it’s great!

I tried a 36 Coker for the first time last weekend. It took me a few runs at it before I mounted it, but once I was up, I flew. It was actually scary at first (the speed), compared to my 24X3 tire.

My friend is probably gonna sell me his Coker. That’ll be great for street rides, and Muni’s.

on UDC it says that the sun 28er is strickly for the street and cant hop drop of curbs off road ect. is it really that weak?

No… ask skippii for further advice

so i have already noticed that the seat sux for long rides! and what cranks should i get?? united, or somthing else??? im about to order 4 uni’s soon so i need to order the cranks and seat, i think pedals as well, to keep the shipping costs down. im getting all my friends into riding ! its awesome even my girl is getting one!!! i kindof became a uni dealer for my freinds shop, i like it. but anyway other then the seat i dont really mind the cranks i think its kindof fun but i would like to go faster, it seems that if i try to go super fast the uni kinda starts shifting back and forth, i guess shorter cranks will cure that.

Am I the only one that thinks 28er is a horrible name?

The standard of 28" is really not used for anything anymore. VERY few bikes out there are made with 28" wheels. I think the 700c standard is way better one to use and wonder why we still use 28?

Sorry to go a bit off topic,

what kind of cranks? as above. :thinking: anyone??? :thinking:

theyre called “crazy cranks” he made them himself from so scrap brackets and u bolts he had lyin around

no i meant should i get… i read the post about the crazy cranks… those are crazy!!! alhtough i do see why he didnt just get long cranks di tap some holes where you can put the pedal closer as someone else pointed out, but very creative i must say!!

and also what kind of pedals, and i guess seat! hahaahha

I like both the cranks (125s) and the pedals that come on the Nimbus 29er. The pedals are pinned but the pins are shorter than the ones on my onza.