thats 29inches to you

My friend and me made a ‘freeride’ movie :slight_smile:

leave a comment :roll_eyes:

inspiring :smiley:

Snazzy crankflips.

nice vid…i also want to have a a uni like that but i won´t pay it:D

Niiiiice. congrats on the 360.
i dont get how people get so awesome on 29s! i could barely do anything like this on mine.

haha that was sick!!! you guys are awesome.

Nice, the crankflips look great

Gah, like I didn’t want a 29er enough already.:wink:

:Dgekke Belgen!!!:smiley:
Toch leuk om te zien,:wink:
Volgende keer beter camwerk (tip: over cam springen, die stof zal extra ruig effect veroorzaken)
Blijf knallen!!!

thx for the comments :slight_smile:

@tr4nspo: We gaan de volgende keer wel voor wat beter camera werk kijken :stuck_out_tongue: (+mss andere cam)