"That stuff is sick, I wanna see that in a video!"

Hey guys, was wondering if you could help me out here.
I’ m making a vid tomorrow and was wondering what everyone would like to see, what people find impressive or just plain like watching.
Preciate the help as always guys,
This vid is for all of you

Crankflips, variations of unispins, drops and jumps. Did you go to the last SWUM? I was wondering seeing as you live in Scotland.


do some creative stuff that has never been seen before!
like…a no handed no footer!

nah wasnt there, but I’ll be at buc. No doubt i’ll see ya there.


What style of riding do you do and who are you trying to impress? Pulling a 720 crankflip would be cool :slight_smile:

But, more seriously, just do some tricks that you can nail and maybe a few that are not as solid. A really well done trick can be better than a harder trick done worse…

If trials is what you like, pick some big stuff to really impress everyone or really technical stuff to impress unicyclists. Depends what your target is and what you are good at.

Have fun, I’ll check it out when its done!

i like to se trials and street type stuff unispins crankflips big drops and technical lines are always good pleasers

see if you can beat your old record in your last movie of 15 flip-offs!

In answer to that question, I would probably say my forte was Freestyle almost street. You know the kinda stuff that isn’t conventional Freestyle e.g. stand up glide, idling variations but more like unispin stuff, hopping on tyre, 360’s etc.
I am partial to abit of trials but I wouldn’t say it was my strong point.
Like the feedback so far guys, thanks for the help so far and anymore still to come.


In answer to James, I took alot of stick for that vid, when really all I wanted to do was stur things up alittle. A number of other things I was trying to do was make a name for myself, try and make a uni video that almost told the story which featured in the song and also see if people would judge my appearance and manner over my riding.
I must agree I came on alittle strong and most of the abuse received I was asking for, but I hope in future everyone here will appreciate me for the serious rider I am and hopefully we can all live happily ever after.
Anyway after all that, lets get back to the thread,

wait is this the gangsta rappin clown? if so im not even gonna watch ur movie, ur last one sucked

You should have the decency to insult someone with a coherent sentence structure, unijesse.

I would also like to add that “The Bad Boy Of Uni” is kind of an oxymoron.

In spite of that, I’m interested to see what this video turns out to be like. In general, I am a fan of videos.

Wait, is this the “gangsta rappin clown”? If so i’m not even going to watch your movie, your last one sucked.


besides, his last video was more of an insult to unicyclig, than my post was an insult to him!

Ohh, come on man. I read the thread on his last one and i can see why but you need to give him a chance. You never know he could be better than all of us. Just because you didnt like one of his movies doesnt mean you wont like this one.

He even apolagised for it here! Lets not bring it up again and see what this ones like.


that was very rude!!
apologize, then say three nice things about him and give him a hug. thats what we had to do in fourth grade when we were mean to people.
even though I kinda agree, that I am not entirely partial to his movies, I have the decency to not say it to him!! GOSH!

yes, I agree…

sounds good ( :

I dunno why every ones laying into him, I watched the video for the first time the other day cant remember what the riding was like so I won’t comment but at least it was an interesting video, I also am glad some other people are using hip hop in their videos, not enough people do that.

keep it friendly

Um, yeah, he pointed out that he was playing a character that suited the song. So you may not have liked the character, but he said sorry for that, and that that didn’t really represent him.

Take it easy on him.

actually too many people put rap/hip-hop in vids, the only kind i like is foreign rap like in k-1 videos, french rap w/ accordion! how can you get any cooler?

dude please dont wear that clown make-up…