That ripping feeling

While doing a demo today, the other guys were doing trials, and we also included freestyle, mounts, coker,giraffe,uw36,bc wheel,skipping, and sumo. It was a pretty diverse show, everyone seemed pleased.

My legs hurt sooooooo much. You know that big pacth of inside of leg you have exposed with your KH pads? Boy, they sure make for a comfy, breezy ride. Well, we all rode into the demo down a short steep grassy knoll. Being a few demos into it, (and it being incredibly hot and sunny for hours, ugh) my legs were tired. Losing the ability to fight the building speed while going more down the hill, and my ability to keep the wheel from wobbling once it got too fast, the tire happened to make contact with my right exposed leg. The dry, hot, quickly rotating rubber dragged across my leg, then the other, then the first, then the other. I had to jump off the UW36 lest the rubber rips by again.

The matching wounds don’t look all that bad (though they will potentially scab up a fair bit, there is a painful amount of much rawer skin now.

This is why I shave my legs. It makes the wounds much cleaner (and it looks and feels oh-so-nice, too). And if you put an adhesive bandage or tape, it is not painful to remove (the area around a wound is sensitive enough without pulling on hairs).

Will we see a picture?

P.S. - It’s amazing how thin a tan is. You can see how thin it is if you scrape some skin off (I found that out last summer when I fell off my Coker at 20 MPH).

Heal well!

Well, the injury doesn’t look that bad at all (the typical ‘learning to BC wheel burn’ but above the knees, not on my calves.

I thought denim would protect the wound today on my Rick Hansen Wheels In Motion ride, so I went for it. But alas, they burned incredibly. I tried to ride it 1.5kms, but the burning just got too painful, so I walked about 1/3 of it. (and then used my Muni for the next two laps)

Side note…

On my second lap with the MUni, I pulled up behind Joel on his Coker (who was riding slowly as the otehr two guys were on muni’s) I thought it would be humourous to, with my open bottle of water, suprise him by whipping the water (while still holding onto the bottle) at his face as I caught up to see if I could make him fall off. Instead of falling off, he defended himself with his own bottle of water, he got me soaked as well…but in the process, fell off his coker