That Pixar video- Aaaaaah...

Someone pointed out that Pixar have a short film with a unicycle. It’s brilliant… but so sad… sob

Phil, just me

I’d buy that uni for $50! No more having to practice idling, plus it seems to give you the amazing ability to levitate (but maybe that’s the make-up and red nose that does that). However, listen carefully and guess what, yep - Entry of The Gladiators. And we wonder why people sing it as we pass…

I remember seeing that film not long after it was made, Pixar do some excellent stuff.

Have fun!


After Toy-Story-1 I’ve had a worth $20,000 (illegal) copy of Pixar Renderman once. But -eh- well, not a worth $20,000 processors kabinet like the SUN’s of Walt Disney. Still I wish I could use that program very well!