Thanks to a unicycle..

I now have something else to occupy my time as I go to deploy overseas. I am not really sure if any other military personnel have ever brought a unicycle to a combat zone, but I really am going to enjoy it. I even convinced someone else I work with to get one also, so we can ride around the base together, with just about everyone wondering “what is wrong with those idiots?”. I am not even sure if unicycles are allowed on military bases overseas, but if people can ride bikes, why can’t I get around on just one wheel? And I will be sure to post some pictures every once in a while so people can see how unicycles are being used in Iraq.

A rider with the username “Kraze” was posting from Iraq but is now back in the states. Maybe he will see this, even better PM him.
The uni should be a great diversion there.

Thanks for serving. I wish you good balance and a steady hand. :wink:


Re: Thanks to a unicycle…

You ARE NOT alone-

Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

Crazy brits… I should have figured there military would have adapted a unicycle.

Good luck over there.

Re: Re: Thanks to a unicycle…

Hah. Those images all scream photoshops.

Neat idea for a webpage. :slight_smile:

Sniper Unicycle.

sounds pretty awesome… even better than riding, bring a trials maybe?

as much as it shouldn’t have… the first thing that came to mind when i thought of a unicyclist in the military, i thought of peter griffins “sometimes its better not to fit in” followed by a clip of a bunch of soldiers, and peter dressed as a clown* saying “you guys are stupid, they’ll be looking for army guys”

*clown is the thing i shouldn’t have thought… because the instant association of clowns and unicycles annoys me so much