Thanks for this group

thank you to your help for your openion about competition. But as I
said before I do a research. So, I don’t want one openion but I want
two or three more openions please.
thank you again to your competitive.


what the hell??


It seems that this person doesn’t speak perfect english, but you should be nice to him anyway. he wrote a post earlier that said…

I am a student in college proparatory center, and my teacher ask me
to do research about “competition: is it good or bad?”
can you please give me your openions about this subject.

Thank you"

It seems that he would like a few more opinions about “competition: is it good or bad?”

Personally I have no opinion about this, but many other people may.

I am currently learning spanish, and before I knew much of the grammer, I’m sure I sounded like this, because all I could do is use what the dictionary said.

i was just replying Capuchin67,to Abdullah in fact

dont worry yourself:D

I wasn’t worried