wants our picts!!!

Due to all the recent Redbull posts, I decided to take a look at one of the websites talked about. Upon entering I found pictures of a few sports including trail running, skating, hiking, and a few others. Not seeing a unicycle on it didn’t surprise me much, though I do wish they had one. I, wanting to promote our sport, decided to email and ask them to include a picture of unicyclists one the page. Low and behold, I got a response. Here is the email they replied:

Tell your friend, and send the pics to us then we will decor in our
homepages. Thnks man.

>On Thu, 14 Nov 2002 04:16:37 -0000 <> wrote.
>name: daniel
>company: none
>phone: sorry
>fax: none
>country: united states
>note: I think it would be awesome to put a picture of a unicyclist,
>better yet, mountain unicyclist, on your homepage. I know the guys at
> would willingly supply you with some great pictures.
>Submit: Submit

I don’t have any pictures of myself unicycling, nor could I take one half as spectacular as one that I’m sure that many of you already have. Now that I have someone’s attention, please send in your picts!!! You can send them to me at, or point me to somewhere that I can download and send them from.

The webite I’m refering to is not THE redbull website. It can be found at:


Okay, why not?..



Re: wants our picts!!!

On Sun, 24 Nov 2002 01:10:57 -0600, andrew_carter
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Reading from the newsgroup, it seems that you posted the same pic

Klaas Bil

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Sorry about that. It’s strange though because when you look through I’ve posted two different pictures.


Looks like the same pic to me…

Same picture to me as well.

That’s really strange. What would cause that?


heres one

not to huge but it was a pretty big hill