Testride with the GoPro Cam

first short (maybe boring) vid with my new GoPro cam:

Have you tried mounting it on the seatpost? I think it would look a lot better and faster because as a helmet cam the wide angle makes it look like you are 10 metres tall and that is a bit weird :wink:

thats funny, im buying the full HD one today.

this has persuaded me even more.

Cool video, I like Helmet cameras, they have a cool view, awsome muni! You muni in some amazing places! I wouldn’t want to fall down one of those very steep banks :astonished:

0:19 what are those wooden things to the right?

It a funny vid!
Aber die Tracht dazu stellt alles in Schatten!!!

I thought that was actually quite good to watch - not boring. The wide angle lens makes that ridge at the start look really scary and narrow - although knowing where you usually ride, it probably was!

Are all those little wooden “tripod” things on the grass some sort of anti-avalanche measure?


I really liked the video. It represented the experience of muni really well…concentrating on obstacles, moving through the different areas with trees, grass, snow, etc. I do agree that it gives a weird sensation of being 10 feet tall, but I’m not sure the alternative (regular angle lens?) is better.

Im looking forward to see your first gopro vid thats not a test!

thats what it looks like when the cam ist mounted on the seatpost


thanks for the comments.

yes, the woodenthings is because of the avalanches.

and yes, i tried to mount the cam on the seatpost, but seeing all the time my pants and the tyre is really nerving.

i’ll try some other mounting places or just use it with the tripod or with my ucc…

and also yes, it is very narrow and steep there, but of course the wide lens makes it even steeper… but falling down there isn’t a good idea :smiley:

I’ve found this system works well for mounting the GoPro to the uni, lots of different points of view possible, back, front, side-ish: -Topeak BarXtender + Handlebar Seatpost Mount:

I upgraded to a HD Hero, having fun getting better quality footage and nice to not have to feed it AAA batteries.