testicular damage from racking too often?

so what kinda things can get messed up if i rack to much, will i get any long term damage?, ive racked myself like five times this last week!

I read in one of my medical journals that 70% of hardcore mountain b*kers have “testicular anomolies”. So, yeah, you can damage your jewels. I was thinking of some kind of athletic supporters that gets the boys up, tight and out of the way. Been looking in sports stores.

is there any way to find for your self if you ghave damage? without going to a doctor?

Yeah… squeeze your nuts really hard, one at a time. If it hurts, you’re still okay.

You should look for something called “bike shorts”. They work wonders.

Why did milk just squirt out of my nostrils?

I think you squeezed too hard.

Maybe, but it sure hurt so I must be OK. Thanks, doctor.

Good to know, I thought a flock of birds just passed over.

What if it hurts just thinking about it?

Hahahahaha that’s a good one dude :p:p:p:p:D

This can help:

zack balwin fracture his testicul

I’m still wondering how painful a fractured testicle can be.
Was it Dan Heaton who confessed to this injury on Contest of Ultimate Champions? (Or something like that)

Edit: two minutes too slow! Max got in there first, and with the correct rider too!

I have been bustin’ my nutz for quite awhile now. My wife used to ask if we needed to put some of my boys in the bank in case we wanted to have kids. Well, we never did, i keep beating the boys(even in bike shorts) and we are expecting a kid in a few months. The thrill of unicycling seems to negate any negative side effects of testicular crushing. Just keep riding.

At my age, I am more concerned about what I am doing to my prostate.

Does unicycling have a detrimental effect on said organ?

I really hope not, considering its location. If your unicycling is hurting your prostate, check out your seat and/or technique.

wait a minute “Racking”? WTF

pretty sure “racking” is interpreted as hitting your nuts.

It’s your urethra (the urine/semen tube), running right through your “taint”, that is subject to pressure from riding.

I hope not.