test and review for trials uni with 150mm cranks

Well I own 2 torker dxes (dxs?), one 24’’ 19’’. I ride mostly natural trials so the 125mm cranks were killing me. So I sprung an idea. I swapped the cranks off my muni (150’s) and stuck ‘em on my trials unicycle and put the 125’s on my muni temporarily. I went out to try them out and rode over to a rock pile/wall nearby. On my short ride over there, I couldn’t really tell the difference between my friends kh with 140’s. It was a little bit slower and coming from 125’s it was a pretty dramatic change but nothing I couldn’t handle. I got to the wall and rode over to an 18’’ hop up and jumped straight up it no problem. (I normally have a problem with this and it takes me a few tries.) So I was feeling pretty lucky and decided to go and try an even bigger jump. It was 3 stairs nearby that ended up at 23 1/2’’ and on my 3rd try I got it. I don’t actually know if the cranks helped but I have never hopped that high before. I tried some crank grabs and those hadn’t changed much but when I tried a pedal grap (which I have yet to land) I found them much easier and I was getting really close to landing one. I’m working on doing them the crankflip way. I don’t really do street that much but I would imagine that these really suck for street. However for a pure trialist like me, I love them. I’m going to put the 150’s back on my muni for now but if I ever go out for natural trials, I’m putting them on without question.

lol nice, thats quite funny. I wonder what its like from 140s to 150s… i have 140s, and i love them, although on real sharp turns i sometimes scrape the floor with my shoe but i’ve never fallen off from it so :smiley:

good luck with ur 150s on a trial must be annoying rubbing all the time no?

Next time you go on an XC ride try out the 125’s and report back.

I did do a road ride with the muni and 125mm cranks and 125mm isn’t short enough. I could easily go down to a 100mm crank for road rides. Climbs are still pretty easy on the road with short cranks but for any dirt, technical trail you’re doomed.

All the more reason to try 100s on dirt and trial :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

trust me, it’s not very fun.

oh ok then, I just assumed it will be something challenging. :smiley: :smiley:

challengin for sure. But i’d rather have a challenging trail with the right equipment than an easy trail with crappy equipment. in other words, I like the trail challenging, not the unicycle.

On a 20" its awesome!

Someone explain Plz :thinking:

Have you tried it b4 ntappin?? If so, it is scary of fun?? :smiley:

well you don’t actually do a crankflip, it’s more of a rev. For us people that hop left foot forward to the right, pedal grabs are difficult if you have to hold your lead foot up and your back foot on the object. I’ts very difficult because you have to balance by leaning back a little bit and then once you pull up lean somewhere else entirely (not too sure where). But if you do it the way I do them, this is how it works; you lock onto the object normally and let the pedal hang down. Normally you would swing the bottom pedal that’s not on the object forward so it’s in front of you because that’s your lead foot. But instead you pull it back so your lead foot is now behind you. So you’re perfectly set up to do a “regular” pedal grab to rubber but instead you pull up and spin your cranks around in a half revolution and back to your normal hopping position. If someone wants they can post a video of them doing one like this I know there’s some guy on a quax that does them like that in the expert trials video if someone wants to link it. I would post a video of me doing it but it’s 10 degrees and I have a broken nose.

10 Degrees? It’s -25c here with the wind chill and I rode to the mall yesterday in deep snow.

I bet someone broke your nose because you wouldn’t practice, Haha.

It’s what I ride, and until recently it was also my muni. It jsut changes your style alot.