tensile cranks

i need new cranks and im looking at getting th tensile cranks,however i cant seem to find any one who has any in stock that will send to australia,ive looked on all UDC and denmark and sweden have them.

do you know were i can get them from?

can i get some pros and cons for the cranks?

thanks in advance

I’ve ridden my Tensiles once now for trials. They are really light, really strong as well, and they look awesome! I dont know where you could get them and for Cons, I still didn’t rode them enough to tell anything.

I got mine one year ago may be from UDC.UK

how are they holding up?

what do you mean ? sorry for my English level

“How are they holding up” - he means how strong are they, and have you had any problems with them.

I bought some Tensiles for my 29er a few weeks ago (looks like I got the last pair from UDC UK). I can’t really say how strong they are because I’m using them for xc riding (they’re probably overkill for that really), but they’re very nicely made and 30% lighter than Moments. I think eddbmxdude has used them for some time for pretty heavy riding so he might comment if he sees the thread.


That’s clear now, I also ride in XC and I’m very soft so no problem for me with Tensile.

They are very beautiful and light, Q factor is a little bit higher than Moment, insert for pedals and same aluminium material as Moment. Rather expensive and only 1 size (140mm). I love them on my 24"

Nimbus Venture as well are made of same aluminium but without insert for pedal and no Q factor what I don’t like at all. Cheap and in 3 dimensions (114/125/150mm). Surely a much better compromise than Qu-Ax cranks whose aluminium is from quite poor quality.

I have found some and should get them soon.

Thanks for the info guys.I like a big q factor so they should feel good

what length does they come, are there 150’s avilaible?

They only come in 140mm and 170mm for bike trials. I love mine, they look pretty cool:)