Telford Unicycles

So, what ever happened to Geoffrey Faraghan and that gorgeous frame?

telford - 26_1_w.jpg

that is possably the ugliest unicycle i have ever seen.

no offence to whoever owns it.

You’re up in the night, man. Show some respect to one of the original, and still classic, bombproof muni frames. All in the eye of the beholder, max_.

Tom, he’s only 15.

Sorry, let me re-phrase: You’re up in the night, kid.

your all fricken wasteddd

Art Deco to the max. This frame was designed to suit suspension seatposts when they were in vogue (in the early days when nothing existed about 6 years ago). Yeah, show some respect. This frame led to the Hunter and the Dave Mariner muni designs.

that is really cool!

how does it compare to the uni frames of this wonderous day and age?


Well… probably right up there.

They were Cromo, hand made but not sure if they would take profile or KH cranks or a wide tyre.

I was going to buy one but they were $900.00 US dollars before shipping etc. I dedcided against spending the money.

If you check out “One Tyred Guy” by Kris Holm, you will find that Dan Heaton rides one down the highest mountain in Mexico with Kris.

That’s Nathan Hoover, not Dan Heaton.


Lo, i don’t think Dan Heaton was out of short trousers when that film was made.

The Telford is a nice unicycle but Geoff isn’t making them anymore. He made the first one in December 1997, the same month the first Hunter was made. If you want to try one out, come to UniCon this summer in Switzerland - Geoff will be there with one of these “vintage” frames. Andy Cotter was riding one at Moab this year. Several others are still around.


yeah fair enough.

We have one owned by a member in the Memphis Unicycle Club and it is a really beautiful piece of art. I’m proud to say that I have been promised first right of refusal if it ever goes on the market.