Teh Fooking Universe: Unimovie

A fitting title for this movie, I would say. This is our first proper movie, in 640x480 resolution. But as we borrowed the camera, and only had it for two days, this video doesn’t show our best riding, especially since it was raining those two days. Anyway, just let us know what you think.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes, that middle tree was slippery. Very slippery. (I did get it in the end, by hopping the entire length of that middle tree, but wasn’t deemed fit for the movie).


That was awsome guys…you guys are really good.

much respect. i really am not good with hops and stuff. i liked the part in the beginning with the bench the best. skilled. good job!

Liar! you liked the 180 down the 5set best.

Not as nice as you though :wink:

Thanks for all the positive feedback guys (and girls).



Edit: Forgot the caps, eek

you guys have really high hops with no crank or pedal grabs
good job

good job

wow! that was great. im really impressed at the hops on the 24" that was impressive. great vid.


after it has set on my computer all day because i had to leave for school i knew it had to be good and i was right

You Guys Rock!

On the track is that some kind of a speed uni? Haven’t seen that.

It’s a 36", with extremely short cranks. At the moment, if I’m not mistaken, he’s running 90mm cranks.

Thanks for all the positive feedback, has seriously pumped me up to do some more difficult lines, and I’m going to try extra hard to get a camera, and film those lines :wink:

is that a Kh free ride you/friend have

awesome video guys

Yeah, that’s a KH Freeride, unfortunatly my cranks bent after 2 days of riding on it so I’m back to using my 20" Qu-Ax now which is better for trials anyway, and landing a stairset on a 20" seems to be easier too.

Thanks for all the positive feedback guys!

u bent the cranks in 2 days! lol that sucks. it was cool on the hops you just floated up. it didnt look like you really tucked the uni up at all.

sorry, file is too big to download

so that’s dustin on the KH? looks like you and I have very similar riding styles, except that your hops are higher and seat in. good job on that, I probably couldn’t do most of those seat out.

The 180 down the 5 set was really nice. that’s something I’m working on right now, doing it on a small four set and working up. The landing was kindof un-smooth, but I guess it’s a 5 set and a lot taller than my 4.

Good video. nice and big, and great riding.