Tear in Leg Armor. What to do?

I finally decided to get a pair of proper leg armor and ditch the old soccer shin guards. So a couple weeks ago I went online and ordered a pair of 661 4x4s from JensonUsa. I’m a bit big for a size small, but the price was right and it turns out that they fit alright, I just don’t use the top two straps. Besides, for $20 leg armor, I’d loose the weight to fit them.

Anyway, I was having a decent trials/freestyle ride when I decided to try some unispins, a skill I have very limited success with. On one of the tries, I missed one pedal and it ended up wacking me in the shin. Thankfully I had my new 4x4s on. The result of the impact was minimal for my leg, but the 4x4s now have a nice inch long tear in them.

I don’t care too much about the way they look, but I don’t want the tear to grow. What has been your experience with tears in armor?

These were the options I was thinking of:

  1. Do nothing
  2. Use a lighter and fuse the frayed nylon like a piece of rope
  3. Spread some sort of adhesive over the tear to prevent it from growing
  4. Iron or glue a patch over the tear
  5. Some or all of the above

What do you think?

mostly number 1 for me.

When things start to fall apart i have been known to sew with nylon thread.

Thank goodness for armor.

The tear looks pretty minimal, but if it worries you, hot glue a like black denim patch to it…

Now threadjack. My leg has a fatty lump on it(mad bail) so I cannot put on my 661’s without blaring out a few curses. Anyone know how to remedy this until the swelling goes down?

Love yah Danny,

Mike Middleton did the exact same thing on the first day he had his 661’s. They’ve already payed themselves off for you. He didn’t do anything for his hole, and a year or 3 later it still seems fine. I wouldn’t worry.

Eric: If you have that big of a lump maybe it’s time to give it a few days to heal before going back to riding. I was doing hopping practice and smashed my shin directly into a picnic table bench. It left a large bruise even through my pads, so of course it hurt a bunch. Normally that’s when the curses begin to flow, but it was a young children’s playground, so instead I gritted my teeth and tried again, both to make me forget the pain and assuage the nearby parents’ ideas that I had broken my leg. I landed the next try :sunglasses: .

Re: Tear in Leg Armor. What to do?

“Catboy” <Catboy@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> writes:

> The tear looks pretty minimal, but if it worries you, hot glue a like
> black denim patch to it…

If the tear is as minor as it looks, just glob on a bunch of Seam Grip
(neoprene repair adhesive) and call it good.

Otherwise, if the ripped area needs to be strong then get a patch made
from nylon, not denim. I’d just take a scrap of sturdy nylon fabric
and glue it on with Barge Cement, but you can find nylon patches at
camping stores.


Thanks for the tips guys. Catboy, I’d ice it and work on some skills that don’t require padding up.

For a patch, I was actually thinking about using a decorative patch. Like the Hawaiian flag or something like this: , just smaller


mines bigger! Mine hasnt gotten any bigger since its happend even throught the wash. Well it might have gotten a little bigger from the KH cranks but thats the only reason.

Yeah I put them in the washing machine too on hot because they smelled so bad and nothing bad happend at all. Though it made one part of it a little fuzzy from the agitator. Now they smell pretty.

Dude, do the Hawaiian flag, it is way doper than flogging molly could ever be, plus you have to be representin’ us islanders… Gotta show these main land kids what Spam Musubi’s are all about…

But it sucks that I cant put pads on…
Oh well I’ll work on uhhh… 1 foot wheelwalking.:slight_smile:


sorry picture didnt post

EDIT: oh yeah do nothing that’s what i do.


I really want to, but I can’t find one. The problem is that I want it to be “hanging” but I can’t find one with the field on the right side. If you see one, please tell me.

another option would be to darn it, like granny used to do in the war (as they say). it works with socks which get hard wear, & you could make it look unnoticable or even stand out with bright thread

There is no need to actually patch the tear with a fabric patch. You just need to keep it from unraveling.

When my armor starts to get wear due to rubbing I’ll put some Seam Grip or a similar sealant on the rip to keep it from fraying and to give that area a little more resistance to rubbing. But Seam Grip is kind of expensive for just patching one little hole. Regular fabric glue would probably work just as well and would cost less.

Try using Fray-chek. It is made to prevent raveling of fabric. It can be purchased at a fabric store. A small bottle should cost $1 or 2. Then put on your favorite patch.

just put some tape or something over it there only 20$ leg armor