Team Defiance teaser trailer

This is just a little trailer we made for a full video that we’re going to make soon.

Team Defiance is not much, just a little fun with me and some friends :smiley:

Please let us know what you think…

Good work Connor. :slight_smile:

Are you guys going to try and get sponsored again with the new video?

Probably not, but we’ll see what comes up :wink:

wats with all the trailers these days? trailers r ok for a dvd or an epic good video that is longer than 10 minutes but a trailer for an everyday kind of video is just overdoing it imo.

oh btw nice bails!

I see your point, I agree with it actually. We just thought we would make a trailer because we just formed a team and we had a few spare clips hanging around.

Nice, I can’t wait for the full video.

Looks to be cool. The trampoline failure was pretty epic.

Let them have their fun :stuck_out_tongue: I like trailers.
Vid loading.

Edit: Nice sidehop, music was gay XD

he agreed with me lol.
+1 to the music comment

Cool, that gap at 11 seconds was cool, Trampoline bail was mean!

Thanks everyone for the comments :slight_smile: