Teal Unicycles?

I noticed this page recently: https://www.facebook.com/tealunicycles/
(also this one is referenced: http://www.tealunicycles.com/)

Does anyone know anything about them? I messaged asking for some info, they responded, but nothing specific. Appear to be based in Toronto. Do any of our Canadian friends know them? Just curious.

Is that a carbon fiber rim on their home page? That might be fun. Maybe they’ll make a 36" carbon rim. (tee hee)

Upon inspection of some of their facebook photos, this looks like a rebranded KH with a different rim, presumably carbon.

All their Instagram photos have #carbon or the like… Maybe the frame is carbon too? :astonished:

In all seriousness, I’d kill for a carbom rimmed G29 or 36… :smiley:

I have ridden 36’s and think they feel disgusting to ride. A carbon rim would possibly make them feel better.

I spoke with my 36er. It said it thought YOUR MOM was disgusting to ride. . . then it got really upset and went in the other room.

I think you struck a nerve…

(I think 36ers are the best feeling unicycle to ride, for what it’s worth)

Haha that made me laugh.

Its just disgustingly heavy. I enjoy riding my 29 but really dislike how 36’s feel. Ive ridden a carbon rim 29 and it feels amazing, as manouverable as a 26 but with greater speed. Perhaps a carbon rim schlumpf 29 would feel best :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s fair. It’s definitely a feel thing. To me, it’s only heavy when you’re initially accelerating, but once you’re up to speed, it holds it really well, which I prefer even for shorter rides around town.

I’m assuming you’ve tried the 29er tube thing already. If not, you should give it a shot. It’s definitely not going to turn it into 29er light-ness, but it does make a big difference in rolling weight.

Still holding out for that 1.5" tire and slimmer rim, but it’s highly doubtful the 36" size will change. Still my baby. . . . I’d buy a carbon rim for her in a heartbeat. You simply don’t have the speed potential on a 29er, and I can’t seem to relax into a longer ride without being on a big wheel that’s less squirrelly/more planted.

Talking to my fiancee about the 32 size she has, and we both agreed, if you like the way a 36er feels, but want something more manageable, go with the 32, but if you just wanted something faster than a 29, go with a 29+ size, and you come out around the same diameter (31.5") with quite a bit less weight depending on what rim and tire combo you choose.

I know this is getting off topic, but I felt compelled to add that I’m now so used to my 36 that my 26 (my only other uni) actually feels too light. Every now and then I get it out for a ride, but it just feels wrong. Then I jump back on my 36, and… ahhhhhh. Everything in its right place.

It’s now at the point where even if I know I’m going to be riding offroad I just take the 36 and deal with the fact that some bits may not be rideable. I’m a noob when it comes to muni anyway so it’s not like the 26 would give me much advantage.

My 26 has pretty much been relegated to a travel wheel these days.

Help, I’m a 36er addict…

"I spoke with my 36er. It said it thought YOUR MOM was disgusting to ride. . . then it got really upset and went in the other room. "

That deserves a real “like”.
I liked that.

Nothing wrong with that : ) definitely take that 26 out every now and then and give it some love. It’s a great size for rock gardens and heavy roots!

lol, thanks Canoe : )

I thought this was a thread about old Miyata Standard unicycles. The Miyata Deluxes were chrome, but the Standard models were painted, and the most common ones we got over here in the US were teal.

The so-called Teal unicycle looks like it’s black! :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow I Hope they have carbon frames too… This uni looks beautiful

I think I found the maker in this thread here

I think I found the maker in this thread here