Teaching People.

I have a friend that wants to learn.
She doesn’t have a unicycle but used to have one so i think she will pick it up quick.
I am letting her use my Torker DX 24 to learn on.
Any tips on how to teach someone?


Tell them to practice :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell them everything you hear people telling other people in the numerous threads here.

It would be easier for her to pick it up if she learned on your trials.

I highly recomend a long rail. A wall works too.

I tell people they should learn to fall before they get on one. But besides that just practice really.

I read some of those threads to teach my wife, and there was one idea I thought sounded cool.

Using a shopping cart. I don’t know if it will really work well enough, but sounded like it may help.

Other suggestions I have heard are ski poles, sticks, walls of course etc.

I just found a parking lot and did the old, get on —> fall off. I used my truck to get on it before I could free mount.

I always show people how to mount first. Same as a standard free-mount, but while holding onto something. Beginners get so frustrated trying to get on.

I am currently building a set of 12 foot long parallel bars for teaching others (and also to help me learn the ultimate wheel). I think the bars will really help people find that front-to-back balancing “sweet spot”.

Lastly, I tell beginners to make appointments with themselves for practice time. (i.e. Half hour every day at 4:00pm for two weeks). The actual time frame selected isn’t as important as the mental commitment to spend a few (pre-scheduled) hours to learn. Many people give up after a few minutes of frustration. The upfront acceptance that success will take a few hours of frustration to make progress helps get the newbie to the finish line.

if she doesn’t know how to ride w/out a wall yet, tell her to practice on a slight downhill (how i learned to ride two footed and one footed). And PRACTICE!!!

Give her like a handrail area (deck or patio) to learn on, it worked for me :):slight_smile:

Chicks pick up unicycling pretty quick.

But if its motivation you need, tell her that the further she rides, the more you’ll think about dating her :sunglasses:

haha that last ones awsome. and okay il take all your suggestions.
we are going to the local park sunday so there are some bleachers that she can hang on to. also some fences around the ball park.

To keep her motivated and damp out frustraton tell her to read this forum.

I tried using a shoping cart on my 24". It didn’t work at all. I had to bend forward too much.

May have worked on a smaller wheel or if I was shorter.

Kerv - Make them w/ adjustable heights for standup ww.

Well i say teach them the basics like freemounting and bunny hops b4 moving onto the more serious tricks. Then you can have competitions/challenges to see who can learn the trick/s 1st. :smiley:

Just tell them honestly what you did to learn.

The hardest thing to do is keep them interested… Let them know that sticking with it will make them better. Practice is key. (Heh, I just realized, that if this were in any other thread, this would sound really inappropriate :o )

My occupation is unicycle teacher. Hopefully I know what I am doing- I will tell you what I tell my new students and maybe someone can tell me some tips too.

First put your foot on the bottom pedal.
Put the seat underneath you.
Step up to the top pedal while leaning on a fence or wall.
Get into the strong position (with the cranks horizontal)
Put your feet on the pedals straight so you won’t whack your ankles.

Keep your back straight, arms out and look straight ahead.
Use only one hand on the wall/fence/hand and other arm for balance
Put most of your weight in the seat and only use gentle force on the pedals.

Do heaps of practise:
While practising give encouragement for good techniques and advice when you see bad techniques. Demonstrate riding to show how it is done. Set goals to help measure improvement e.g. make it past a line. Make sure the seat height is ideal for the rider- with their leg nearly straight when the pedal is at the bottom. Have fun! If it gets too frustrating take a break and try again another time. Let them know how frustrating it is for everyone and that practise and persistence is the way to overcome the initial frustrating stage.

You will find that you know heaps from your own riding experiences and if any problems happen you will usually know how to solve them.

A long wall with smooth pavement

It is weird to sit on a unicycle, it is also weird to pedal it, it doesn’t coast. Like a tricycle, except when you stop, you fall over.:frowning:

I have found that learning to sit on the thing and pedal is plenty to learn on the first day. Encourage students to pedal smoothly, and use the wall for balance. :thinking:

They will ride away from the wall when they feel like it.:smiley:

Free mounting is unimportant. Better to sit on it using a wall, then make yourself comfortable. If uni riding isn’t comfortable enough, and fun, it will suck. Learn one thing at a time (pedal along the wall). If you can sit on a uni and pedal smoothly, while dragging your fingers on the wall, you have found the right place to learn. Buy a KH seat.:slight_smile:

funny thing: I have been training people for 35 years … not in unicycling.
though I am not a good rider people like when I teach and I can even teach tricks I am unable to perform!
on the other hand I know very good riders who are poor trainers …
I probably need to train good riders to become trainers :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. practice on a curb, work on free mounting when she can actually ride.
    The three main things of practicing!

  2. Lean forward!

  3. Hands out!


  5. enjoy the benefits of a grateful girl :slight_smile:

I think you forgot…
5. Never give up. :stuck_out_tongue: