tap size for nimbus isis hub threads??

hello, i have a nimbus hub that was crossthreaded a little bit, and i need to run a tap through to clean it out. the damage is not serious enough to ruin the threads, but i am unsure of the actual thread measurements. i’m fairly certain it is m11x1.00. can anyone confirm or correct that measurement??

I think its 12 not 11. But I am not too sure about this.

just email or im(if you have gchat or gmail)
there are really good

also make sure it’s the right threads per inch i would not trust a measurement i would get the specs


In another post:

"The ISIS spec allows for the use of either M12 or M15 cranks bolts. Koxx and KH both use M12 crank bolts that have a 1.0mm pitch. So you need a 12mm x 1.0mm pitch tap.

Truvativ sells a M12 self extracting CroMo crank bolt set that I used to convert my Koxx cranks to a self extracting setup. I got this idea from using a set of Truvativ ISIS cranks on my Koxx hub (see my avatar). These should fit the KH cranks to make them self extracting."

That should answer your question.


Thanks jerry! That was exactly what I needed to know!