Takin' one on a plane tomorrow. Carry-on/luggage?

I’ve got the pedals and seatpost off and the tire’s deflated. Now I just gotta figure out what to do with it.

I’ve had the idea to take it with me (carry-on) so I can keep an eye on it. But I’m not exactly sure what you guys have done with it. It’s a 20 inch trials, and I’ve got a travel bag that I could put it in, if it’s not too big to put overhead. Or I could strap it on the back of my backpack, like I do when I ride my bike and carry it.

So if someone could help me, it’s either going–
In a travel bag (carry-on, if it’s not too big)
Strapped onto my backpack (carry-on, if it’s allowed on a plane like that)
Or in luggage

If anyone’s had any problems flying with their unicycle, (yes, on a plane) could you let me know, or any other advice on what to do, that would be fantastic. I’m flying out of Chicago, O’Hare into Savannah, Georgia if it helps.

If you have a suitcase big enough to hold the uni, put it inside the suitcase (checked luggage). Put the tools (if any) in the checked luggage also.

Security may not let you carry it on the plane. Then what are you going to do?

I have a suitcase that is big enough to hold a 20-inch trials unicycle if I take the pedals and seat post off.

check this thread:

I took two 20" and a 24" muni on a plane to Mempis. Take as much apart as you need, then cram it into whatever suitcase you can, and pad it with wrapping material. You can even put clothes around it. Just make sure you have newspaper or something in between them, or it will get grease on your clothes.

They aren’t going to let you carry it on. It won’t fit within the carry-on size limit. Put it in a trash bag, then into a suitcase. Pack your clothes around it. News paper isn’t good to protect your clothes from grease cause then you’ll get inkon your clothes.