Take That unicycle!

I’ve just watched Friday Night with Jonathon Ross and he had Take That on the show talking, amongst other things, about how they (well three of them) learned to unicycle for their tour. They did talk positively about the learning experience, which was nice

They do have quite a set on their tour and end up unicycling right out into the crowd. The downside is that they’re dressed as clowns, though as their album/tour is called Circus it’s understandable (I have nothing against clowns BTW just the automatic association with unicycles)

There’s some pics of them on the unicycles here, though I’m not sure what make they are or were they got them from for £80 each.

did i see a sliver of a nimbus sticker on one of those pictures or was it a trick of the light?:smiley:

For those of you that don’t want to watch the whole of the second clip, the riding starts at 3 minutes 30.
I’ve been trying to line up an interview for Uni Magazine…