Take 2: UNICON XV MUni Race Results & Uni Setups

I started a thread called “UNICON XV MUni Race Results & Uni Setups” but it got way off track and turned into arguments, complaints and rants. So I’ve decided to start a new thread discussing it so hopefully we can keep on track this time. PLEASE ONLY POST HERE if you have some info about unicycle setups. If you want to rant, please go to the old thread here. Thanks in advance.

I’ve been curious as to what the top MUni riders unicycle setups were at UNICON 15 in Wellington, New Zealand. Wondering if they were all the same or similar or if some had 24"'s while others had 29"s, crank lengths, brakes, geared, etc. I’ve listed the top finishers below. If you know what their setup was please list it so we can see how the compare. Were all the top 6 riders on the same machine or totally different machines? Cheers!

Cross Country Expert Male

  1. Charrier, Martin France 1:09:37.00 1

  2. Hoover, Beau USA 1:12:12.00 2

  3. Melton, Tony New Zealand 1:14:16.00 3

  4. Wilton, Scott USA 1:14:18.00 4

  5. Lavis, Mark Australia 1:15:50.00 5

  6. Looi, Ken New Zealand 1:15:58.00 6

Uphill Expert Male

  1. Charrier, Martin France 1:27.02 1

  2. Kobayashi, Seisuke Japan 1:31.00 2

  3. Weichenberger, David Austria 1:31.43 3

  4. Trevor, Thomas Australia 1:34.77 4

  5. Hoover, Beau USA 1:43.39 5

  6. Melton, Tony New Zealand 1:43.64 6

Downhill Expert Male

  1. Weichenberger, David Austria 2:10.00 1

  2. Schulz, Rocco Germany 2:15.00 2

  3. Hoover, Beau USA 2:16.00 3

  4. Melton, Tony New Zealand 2:18.00 4

  5. Dunn, Corbin USA 2:20.00 5

  6. Charrier, Martin France 2:20.00 5

Fail XD

So here is what I gathered from the old thread. If anyone see’s any errors or has missing info, please add!

Very interesting to see the top 5 XC riders used 24". I would have guessed or thought a 26" or 29" for XC would have been faster. Guess that shows you how technical of a course it was.

Also, interesting to see that the top 6 uphill riders all had 24". Maybe I need to drop back down to my 24" instead of my 26" for XC and Uphill…

Not that it’d ever happen but it’d be interesting if everyone in the races had the exact same setup, just to compare. Like a standard class race where everyone had 24", with 125mm cranks, just to see what would happen. Although looking from the above data, guess most riders had that setup, at least for XC. Hmm…interesting.

Any more info on any of the top finishers?

I think Tony used 165’s for all the muni events

Really? That’d be a surprise to me…can anyone confirm this?

Opps for the downhill he used a KH 29er with 150’s, but for the uphill and XC he used a KH24 I think.

i’m pretty sure tony was running 125mm venture cranks on his muni for the xc.