T7 touring handle question

Looking at the T-7 and thinking of grabbing one for my Muni as I have been doing some long distance XC rides and havent got the time to make one lately…
But on UDC it says “Note: This product uses a rail-type post when configured to the saddle.”
Does this mean I have to change the seatpost on my Nimbus 29" Muni?

The T7 needs a standard bicycle seatpost. So yes, you would need a new seatpost if you got a t7. The good news is that after a bit of research on the forums you probably won’t get a T7, and so your seatpost should be fine. The problems with the T7 fall into two camps generally. First, there are a lot of people who just don’t feel like it is low enough to make a difference. And secondly, they break. The last concern would probably keep me from putting one on a MUni, as (more often than not) the UPD’s make it harder to catch the uni. I think it would lead to a broken T7 pretty quickly.

I have a Coker Pi-Bar and I really like it. The other option would be the KH T-Bar. The Coker bar fits to a 25.4mm seatpost, and so you would be fine with your current rig. Some people complain about rubbing the bar with their legs, but I don’t have that problem at all. I was told that my Pi-Bar was modified, but I haven’t ever seen an un-mod’ed version to compare it with.

If you still want to get the T7 you can pair it up with one of the KH seatposts that UDC has on sale for 12 bucks.

Once you add that to the cost of the closeout T7 you’re in the same price range as a Pi-Bar. Coker usually has better shipping prices than UDC too, so in the end it might be cheaper, stronger, more adjustable…

Wow, Jtrops, thanks… I like the looks of that ALOT better! And the way the bar ends attach looks like I can customize a bit too…

Here’s a link to an old post on handlebars. This was from before the KH bar was released, but it’s still a good resource.

I know there are other threads about bars, but if my memory serves me this thread covers most of the bases, and it’s only a couple of pages.

I’m absolutely LOVING the KH handle bar on my 36-er… I wouldn’t put it on my MUni though.

Bryce is making me a custom bar and we found delrin plastic balls for the end. I will post pics when he finishes it…

Was it Bryce that mod’ed my bar? It looks like the tubing under the saddle was ovalize, but was there any other change?

I managed to fix a T7 handle on an old Coker with traditional seatpost.
(I think I posted a picture somewhere) so it is possible with some grinding of the T7.
But it is a Coker not a Muni!

I’d swear by my KH t-bar. I have it fixed to my KH29 muni. Use it for road and for some off road, had a few falls, had a slight bend in it but it went back no problem. Its very comfortable and has several parts so I would expect it to be easily replaceable!