T7 Handle Questions

Hey guys, I just ordered a T7 handle with grips from UDC USA and just noticed… I have no idea what “Rail type mount” means and prior to this moment I just assumed I would bolt the T7 between the seat and the existing seat post. I am understanding, now, I guess, that this isn’t how it works.

What is a rail type post and where can I buy one? Or am I just misunderstanding how this works?

In short… How will I put the T7 on my Nimbus 29er? I was just about to email UDC USA asking but I figure I’ll ask here first.

  • Brad (who has logged over 30 miles on his 29er Nimbus thanks to your guys’ recommendations!)

A rail type seatpost is just a standard bicycle seatpost that attaches to the rails of a standard bicycle seat. The T7 has an incorporated rail adaptor, and so you will need a 25.4mm bicycle seatpost to attach the T7 to your Nimbus. UDC has one thats on sale.

jtrops has it.

Buuuuuut if you have a sawzall and are a cheapskate like me, you can modify a standard unicycle seatpost (4 bolt) to fit your T7. I had to make 4 cuts, spent a little time filing because I’m anal that way, and it works like a charm. Couple hundred miles on it, with no signs of weakness or fatiguing.


Thank you all! I’m glad the rail-type seat post is on sale on UDC USA and hopefully they can just combine it with the T7 order I sent in last night so I don’t have to pay $12 shipping on it… heh…

I am such a noob! :slight_smile: