t shrit 5 dollars each + shipping

here is just the design

EDit: is is mirror of the design on the t shirts

They look nice, i was thinking of making uni shirts :smiley:

I think black on white or even white on black would look awesome

i know these were the only blank shirts i could find

Oh, do you do the printing your self? :astonished:

If you want to get blank white shirts, Macys could have them (if you have one around there)

I dont know if the sale is still going, but my mom got me a bunch of them :smiley:
They’re like 3 for $5 and feel really comfortable

i use transfer papers and i get my shirts for about that price but ill check out macys

Im kinda stupid, but whats transfer paper? And how do you use it?

you print it out w/your printer and iron it to your shirt
EDit:its so easy and if these shirts sell then im gonna buy a special thing for making shirts

That looks bad, man. You can definately see the transfer paper.

i know but i dont know where to get it printed other way

also id like to add that you sell yours 3x as much as i do

Maybe, but I started out the same.

Transfer paper= tacky.

I’ve made them before, but only for like school elections. It’s just not a good quality print. Sorry dude.

But they’re about 50 times the quality.

if i were to sell one i would make less than a dollar

uhm, if you want to sell the shirts, you need to make them better. you can cut the transfer paper around the design and make it a better edge. you are off to a good start, but cafepress is a great way to make/sell shirts because it is secure, trusted, and they print the shirts right. nuff said, sorry if that seemed mean, i’m just trying to help you out here.

i know i should have cut the paper closer but the design has like splats off the picture and i wanted to keep that in the picture.

seriously? i think it would look 100 times better and more professional if you made the design more clean cut.

ok ill try that see how it looks