-T-shirt Ideas

I recently bought some blank T-Shirts for unicycling. I want to put some catchy phrases, pictures, etc on them. Any ideas? Be creative and help me out.:smiley:

i think you should print one with “Can fat people go skinny-dipping?” written on it!
Or you could use the top phrase on my sig?

  1. The other wheel is up your ass.
  2. Get a design of a unicyclist riding over a biker.
  3. Do a design of a bike cut in half.

If I come up with more I’ll post them. I might even do the bike design. How many colors are you going to use, or are you just doing iron on?

be oldschool and wear them as regular white shirts. naw but really if it were me, id like photoshop something like a unispin that looks cool and put it on the back. im not really with all those sayings like one wheel and all that nonsense. im over it. peace

I second what chosen said, a nice matt black image of a unispin looks alot cooler than a half witty one liner

do someting like this…



Yep, I’m with the two above me. Or I suppose if you really want a one-liner, put the phrase on the front, and still put the pic on the back. Might work.

yes i too would love some unicycling shirts

i would pay for them and what not so if any of u are in the t-shit bussness tell me i would but some shirts

I found that hilarious.
Anyway I like that baseball looking one. If I could find a 3/4 ringer shirt with red sleeves and piping that would be perfect on there.

o lol i ment shirt

It’s not what you said though, and shirt wouldn’t have been as funny.

This is my nba style pic

Wall ride NBA style.jpg

Here’s a link to a boatload of t-shirt ideas that have been discussed on the fora.
You may want to browse thru some of those and see if they spark any creative ideas.

Non uni related, but I’ve always liked

on a T-shirt.

I’ll be having them ironed on by a store at the mall. The can basically put whatever you want on any type of faboric. Its pretty cool. The shirt I have are two blues and one orange if that helps any.

i don’t mean to steal the thread here, but i could do that image on a shirt. (using zazzle…)

that would be pretty cool, but I don’t have any money. Also once I buy new shirts I’m getting earthbound shirts.