t.p.i how to interpret?


Can anyone shed any light on how to intrepret the t.p.i figure when looking at tires? I assume it’s threads per inch.

When you look at the nokian site http://www.suomityres.fi/bike/dhspecs/index.htm
In the Gazz 3.0 row and the t.p.i. column it displays another figure (tot.192tpi) along with 32 t.p.i. What is that?

This all came up when I am going to run a new hot rod tire made by Kenda called the Kenda Flame. It is supposed to be 32 t.p.i which I am not sure tells me anything significant. I was looking for a comparison to the Noki gazz, not that they are comparable. It just happened to be what I am familiar with.


Kenda Flame tread pattern below.

I think TPI has tom do with the casing and sidewalls. Sorry i couln’t help more.

From a competitor’s site, http://www.maxxis.com/products/bicycle/faq.asp

I think the lower number is how much per layer and the total number is counting all layers. So 32 tpi per layer, with 6 layers totaling 192 tpi.