T 7 touring handle...

looks kinda comfy…sounds like a great idea,but any reviews?

T 7 touring handle

It’s a definite if you have a coker or 29er. :smiley: I have one on my coker and let me say. It’s worth the extra $$$$ to have. :smiley:

hmm i kinda figured…

It works well when riding uphill or if you want more speed and better aerodynamics. It’s one of those “don’t leave home without” Oh and don’t forget to get brakes if you’re going to get a coker or 29er. They’re also a good thing to have. :smiley:


Do you have a coker or 29er heelnipper?? :smiley:

no but i know a guy who has a coker.

i’m getting a torker dx soon though.

(it’ll be my second uni)

Whoa that’s cool, i also have a DX and that’s also worth the $$$. Maybe you should buy a coker for your next one. You can never have too much. :smiley: :smiley:

i’ve heard that before lol.

do you have mayspace?

Nope but i do have MSN. :smiley:

Has anybody hit their leg on the back of the handle (back of the front) the angle there looks quite sharp and I have a scar on the font inside of my thigh from hitting my my homemade handle on a UPD.

The back ends of the handles look like they might be close enough together to not hit you if/when you go down but they still look dangerous.

i never thaught of that…nothing a dremel can’t fix!!!:smiley:

No I’ve never had any contact with either despite numerous UPDs. I seem to remeber Cathwood making a comment about catching herself on the rear handle when mounting if she wasn’t careful, but she’s fairly short.

Well remembered! But that was only at the beginning. I haven’t done it for months and months.

Ah well 'tis all good then, and I hope you didn’t mind the ‘fairly short’ comment.

Seems like a fair description to me.

Hitting/catching youself with the handle is not a problem. The sound however is prety awfull when it hits the ground on a upd. Anyone that owns one of these or will own, may want to invest in some extra of those little black end-caps that fit into handlebars.

Handle bar covers also work well as that is what i have on my coker. :smiley:

Yeah I have really nice rubber grips on the handles, and the ends are pretty best up from dropping it at speed. Also the corners where the handles join the T-piece have lost their powder due to me laying it down at speed.

Just yesterday I nailed my ankle with the T7 handle. Only later did I notice the bloody scape. I don’t know which edge got me. I used to get hit with the handle of my muni, so I don’t think it’s a T7 problem. This is the first hit from my nimbus 36, probably because I don’t usually miss catching the handle when I dismount. This upd caught me by surprise.