Hey all,

Finished up my second vid.
Hope you all enjoy, always love the feedback.


Nice body variels.
good vid.

I liked It! The 360 unispins on the wall were cool!

Really good vid!

I thought the base was too high though.

Just made a new link

Click the Picture

Yeah, it was awesome, I liked the skatestyle filming and the music rocked, cant find it anywhere online though. Any ideas?

Thanks for the props all.
Yea I was goin for the kinda in yer face skate style filming. Glad you like.

As for the music:
Itunes store has it. Drop the artist a msg on myspace. He will let you know where to get it… If you mean free, I dont think the album has been out long enough yet. Plus Brawdcast is a good guy, he deserves to make some money on his first album.

great video, it was a nice distraction from homework


nice video…

you didn`t edit in movie maker did you?

what did you use?

liked it… cool editing.

I have final cut. Tho since I didnt have any cds to burn the song to and re-rip back onto the computer. I had to use imovie. Stupid apple and their encoded mp3s.

Im finishing up my movie too and Im using adobe premiere and adobe after effects for the “special” stuff.

premiere is pretty cool about the soundtracks… you can put effects into it and edit all the way.

they are the best… takes a little while to get the hand of it but there`s nothing like them. :slight_smile: