Sydney Trial Demo

kev could have done it… it’s a soft landing, he coulda…
and his unicycles not going to break from a drop like that, remember, it’s a koxx-one, they’re so good, and the only place you’ll get them here in Australia and New Zealand is
Tops site.

OMFG! the site is ready!!!

oh and the ground was quite hard. droppin off the truck would’ve been a world record. it was sooo much scarier wen we were actually up there.

our helmest were up ur arse!!

took it too far.

haha so true kevin.

isaac, you kind of killed the whole
not wearing helmets thing.

wat? aren’t jokes allowed on here or somthin?
and besides he obviously didn’t read my warning at the start

I must have missed it

thats ok, sorry if it was too far

It was…

ok well wateva, bak to the video now?

Great video

Sweet video, song was a little annoying after a while, but other then that awesome vid.

thanks guys! :slight_smile:

please leave and never return…

“Not found”
:thinking: :frowning: :thinking:

it’s cos it’s got the unicyclist link as well as the youtube link.
just click it and backspace the link.