Sydney Trial Demo

now this vid isn’t here so u can all bitch bout it and tell me it sucks and that we all should’ve been wearing helmets. YES the quality is bad, YES we weren’t wearing helmets and we r stupid, YES my editing is shit.

this video is here just so we can look at it and LOL at 2:19 and the very end

please just try and enjoy it and keep the complaints and suggestions to urself cause i don’t want em

about the quality, try watching it on youtube, it’s much better but still not great. for some reason it’s really bad on this site

Cool vid:D

nice work with the video isaac, and all who were in it. good to see some aussie stuff. :smiley: you guys should come to melbourne one day it would be sweet.

a very good vid!!! :slight_smile:

Sweeeeeet. Now a aussie street vid plz :smiley:

It was good and the quailty was fine, really liked the music, though it was bothering me for half the video from where it was from. Then I remebered Motorstorm.

be patient christian, haha. with time.


Great vid. You aren’t shit at editing. Should have been wearing helmets though :roll_eyes: .

:thinking: What are helmets?

We don’t know of this strange “helmet” concept in Australia?

Great vid. Thanks for making me more annoyed that i was too lazy and ignorant to go. :wink:

EDIT: What about the frontflip attempts?

Isaac had to leave before he tried.
I have footage and will upload it tonight. :slight_smile:

Great! Someone can join me in feeling sorry for ourselves (not to the same extent though) for missing out!
No really, thats cool.

yes can we please please please not go into the helmet issue?

also yea sorry i had to leave befor the frontflips cause i had exams the next day so i had to head bak to wagga.

and thankyou all for the nice (and not annoying) comments :slight_smile:

i might b going bak to sydney in the holidays and we’ll make a street vid then :wink:

No maybes. I want it now! NOW!!! NOOOW!!!

our little group of Sydney street riders is making one now.
just don’t expect it relatively soon.


worth the wait.

Where were your helmets?

Only a fellow Australian could pick such an excellent song for his video…
Great choice, Pendulum go well with anything and that’s probably their best song in my opinion.
loved the video too, oi kevin mate, you could have dropped from the roof to the ground, why didn’t you?
Thanks Isaac!

maybe he didnt want to break his new koxx uni