Sydney and Canberra muni riders

The 3 Ring Circus is on at the end of July. The organiser is happy to have unis enter. I’m entering with my 2 kids and possibly wife. Hope to see some more riders there. Check out the link for more details.

I will (hopefully) be there. Would be great to race against bikes on a course of about this length. I think some other canberra riders will be keen too. If they are we should organise to have a unicycle specific camping/support area.

I am definiately in if I am around then…I’ll be heading back to the US for the Nationals in July and don’t know when I’ll return yet. Would love to do this with some other riders. Been itching to enter some mt bike races around the area. If you guys know of any other good races in the near future, please post them here! Just found out about the Capitol Punishment which would have been sweet but they are already sold out. :frowning:

I just paid rego for the race- they have a good deal for Unicycle riders- $40 for a solo rider! Jamie- if you are around and looking for riders i know of a few guys in canberra that might be interested in being in a team with you. This should be a blast

Hi Gabe. Did I ride with you and Victoria at the Canberra Muni weekend this year? Was heaps of fun. I think we have a team to come and do the three rings circus. Should be heaps of fun too.Bye Now.Christine.

Just over a month to go! Good to se you are getting a team together christine- who are you roping in for it? It would be cool to get all the unicyclists together in the camping area to hang out. Looks to be a a fun event- i’ve got to get some training in!

Hi Mark!!

Yeah it will be awsome if we all camp together. Ben and I will be on a team and theres a couple of people we could have as a third person depending whose available that weekend. Bring on the PARTY!!! Hows the ankle feeling these days? Really looking forward to seeing everyone again. Yep I need to get lots of training in too. Hope to get in some riding tomoro. See u soon…:slight_smile:

what is the closing date for registering for the three ring circus?

Hi Christine- entries close soon and there appears to only be about 30 places left so get in quick! So far it is myself and one other rider in the solo unicycle/trick bike category and the Holmik family in the team unicycle/trick bike category. 1 month to go! got to get out on the trails and get some km in.