Switch unimag => The new uni magazine

Hi everyone

As you maybe know, a new magazine of unicycle flat street Trial went out in France, and in french, some months ago. Published for the French cup, it was a big success, and the number 2 is in preparation. Here is thus the link of the Web site where you can download the magazine in PDF. There is also a poll to know if you would be interested in the publication of an english version of Switch for the numbers 3 at Unicons 14.

Then do not hesitate and maybe that switch unimag will be soon exported to you.


Definitely would want this in english. Pictures look good.

How many coppies can you rease in a year?

How many issues ? => 3/years

how many magazine by issues ?=> 200 in french and I don’t know yet how many you are to want it in english ^^

hey arthur, I’d love to get this magazine in english!

I can’t wait to see it.

dude what kind of uni is it in the front pic. looks kinda like a surly…?edit:
wait nevermind.

how much would it be to subscribe…b/c UNI seems ridiculous to me.

Would be realy cool to have the magazin in english. The pictures are great and I hate it that I understand nothing.

definitely need this mag in english!

I want one in french! I really need to practice my french reading, I havn’t read french in a few years (besides forums or like street signs).

I’m sorry i don’t have any more magazine ( N°1)
So i’m waiting for your vote to know if i need to translate in english the number 3 (at unicons 14 ;))

I’d get at least one issue to check it out.

I’d get a subscription if it’s less $ than Uni.