Swing Bike Unicycle

Im looking for some tutorial or video about swing bike unicycle.
Anyone can help me?

Thank you

Hey bro this might help you

That’s awesome, I didn’t want it to end…

Really? All 4 comments of it, one of which has more than a mere hint of spamminess? I’m not saying it is spam, because there is a small chance that it is not, but there is a very good chance that it has something to do with abuse of service. I’m surprised it hasn’t been edited to add a bunch of links since it was posted. I’ve got my doubts about your comment too, actually.

By all means, visit again. Unless you are a spammer, bot, etc., in which case, don’t; and in which case, nothing I say matters. But if you are just a legit user who is, perhaps, not very savvy to how these things are supposed to work, welcome. If you thought this thread was impressive, there are others here that will blow your mind.