sweet ride

hello everybody !
I show you my last video. sweet ride & a bonus cigar boxes/juggle.
Tell me what do you think about it.
thanks a lot ! bye !

i liked your movie
really funny the mini uni part
and you are really good juggling

woah nice vid ,you are crazy with those blocks !!

You must make a shit load busking.

awesome skills, uniing and juggling.

trials/street on the 12" looks fun

nice vid :slight_smile:

pretty cool stuff, but transitions where a little annoying again, what’s with everyone trying to be arty?

Loved the start with the wheel. But why the need to film yourself topless? I mean is it really neccesary?

Still awesome riding, nice unicycle too…

My fav vid in a long time. Great editing, incredible riding, and impressive cigar boxes.

amazing! i cant even juggle 2 balls!

Because in the south of france in summer, the weather is hot ! and sometime, i filmed tricks but it’s not in a think i put it in my video!!

thanks for all your remarks, i’m happy you enjoy the video :slight_smile:

la phrase veut rien dire… a reviser :wink:

t’inquiete j’etait juste de mauvaise humeur ce jour la.

That has got to be one of the most entertaining vids I have ever seen!!!