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Muni seems to be quite unheard of here in Sweden. In order to promote the sport I have made a web page containing some basic facts, some photographs (kindly contributed by Nathan Hoover) and a bunch of muni links. Time will show if this will help people find their way to muni. Swedes in general love outdoor sports and cycling so the odds are not too bad!

Please forward any additional muni links you think would fit on the page.



This is a good video by Kris Holm:

Oh… and why not link to The Book of Unicycling at http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Unicycling

I have some pics from a muni ride I did in july, but that’s probably not suitable for muni.se:



Very good initiative. I have been waiting for something like that to pop up for a long time.

(I cant make one on my own beacuse I don´t have the required skills :smiley: )

But I CAN make a header and/or a logo for the site in photoshop. Just ask me if you want one. I´m not that very good with PS either but I can make a try.

Will the site be updated anymore? It would be great with a Muni photo gallery for swedish riders.

edit: spelling

Ulph: That muni trip is really nice, i want summer now!

Yeah it would be nice if we had some swedish muni pics on the page. All suggestions are welcome.

There are now only one or two pages but perhaps I should make a better structure and create room for more pics. And as you suggest, a cool header. Make a draft of your idea and post it to me so we can discuss it!

Ulphs pics really are beautiful and although not much riding in them they truly convey the atmosphere of long summer days in Sweden.

I will also put in a link to your wiki, Ulph.

Peter Sandström säger att Henke (vet inte riktigt vem det är) håller på att lägga upp en sida nu också och kanske är glad om han får hjälp.

Saxat från julbrevet:


Kan det vara


I made this. It´s just the first version, and i´m pretty sure it will need modifications. Maybe a little bit more Uni?

This looks good for starters! Perhaps the header should be longer so it can strech over the whole page?

I have this idea about a tyre pattern in the header. Wouldn’t that be cool? Quite ‘muni’ I think.

Perhaps someone already has made a graphic from a tire tread and is willing to share? Otherwise I must put ink on my wheel and roll it over white paper and then cut the paper into pieces to make it fit the scanner and then put the pieces together in photoshop … phew

great site and thanks for putting a link to our club site.

I am adding yours to the links page today!!

What are your mountain trails like in Sweden?

Perhaps some of us from Cumbria Muni could come over to ride there sometime - you’ve got some big hills haven’t you?

Email me if you think its a good idea.


We do have some hills in sweden, and a fairy larger part of sweden is mountainous.

One alternative, would be to use a house my grandmother left behind her as kind of a base, right between Tärnaby and Hemavan
But the logistics may be quite hard, it’s 400km from here, 400km from boden, and quite far from gällivare, and there’s not any trains going there…
There are lots of trails there…
If it’s possible it would be a hell of a trip.

Any other actually possible trip suggestions?

Sounds great lleberg although I dont know where those places are. I seem to remember that most of the big hills are in down the western border with Norway.

Is there good riding on the bigger stuff in Lapland? which would I assume have to be done in summer to aviod too much white stuff.



In most of the large mountains in Norway, there are not biking trails, just walking trails. Lots of these trails are filled with rocks and have unridable parts. I have not taken my unicycle with me, just walked. But there are lots of huts to stay at for some money.

Rusty, Norway

Good to see Sweden mentioned. I’m not Swedish but my girlfriend is and we took our one wheeled stallions over with us when we visited Annika’s folks in Skövde (sort of in the middle of Sweden) last Summer. It’s a nice spot.
There are lots of walking/running paths through the woods around there and we had some good trips out. Most of it was very ride-able and very quiet.
The down side was trying to get the unicycles back on the plane - no problem going out, but they wanted to charge us a fortune for being over weight coming back…

So, there is some muni riding going on in Sweden, it just appears that some of it has to be imported.

Good site too by the way!

There is a lot of trails in the woods in Norway too, but the trails high up in the mountains are less rideable.

Rusty, Norway

Thanks Rusty,
so the challange seems to be see how high you can ride down from or alternatively find the highest ridable trails!!

When you say “Lots of these trails are filled with rocks and have unridable parts” I am no muni marvel but how unridable?



The paths can be filled with large stones, maybe there are just large stones and no path. Some places there are snow, which should be a lot of fun.

I’m not saying to not ride a unicycle in the mountains in Norway, just that it needs a lot of planning, and you have to be ready to carry your unicycle parts of the way.

Rusty, Norway


I have made a touch up to the muni page and also added a header as fexnix suggested.

Yes, it was a lot of work getting that wheel track in place.

Have a look and tell me what you think!


Re: swedish muni page

On Tue, 25 Jan 2005 17:58:28 -0600, “goldenchicken” wrote:

>Have a look and tell me what you think!

It’s becoming a great site! Minor issue: the headers (like “Fler
munibilder”) on the homepage don’t have enough contrast. Make them a
different color, or larger, or bold, whatever.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

It’s impossible to get old when you ride a unicycle - John (what’s in a name) Childs

Thanks Simon! Judging from the wonderful pictures from Cumbria you would probably find my part of Sweden very flat and well, boring. I am living in the southern tip of the country where nature mostly consists of agriculture; not a single mountain in sight. I have to contend with the odd trail here and there. Further north we can offer you plenty of beautiful nature though. I recommend that someone living in a more muni-friendly part of Sweden takes on his or hers hands to make an invitation to a Swedish muni weekend. I would certanly try to come!

Thanks Klaas. I hope the small headers has become easier to read now.