Sweat GUTR review

I’ve always been prone to excessive perspiration, and when I unicycle I sweat like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. It gets in my eyes and runs down my glasses and generally is the only thing about unicycling that I don’t like. Sweat bands don’t help, they just get saturated within 30 mins. It’s even worse when I were a helmet, so I rarely wear one unless I’m going to be riding on challenging trails with rocks and boulders.

So I thought I would try out this product. It’s an adjustable silicone band that you wear around your forehead snugly, and it has a U-shaped “gutter” along the section that is above your eyes. The idea is that sweat will run down and collect in the gutter, and be diverted from going into your eyes. The gutter has a high point in the middle of the channel, which helps the sweat flow to each side of your head where it exits the channel near your temples and runs down the side of your face.

I tried it out today for the first time, with a helmet, and it worked really well! I didn’t get any sweat in my eyes, and I was much more comfortable on my ride. I’m really happy with it, so happy in fact, I’m going to buy another one so that I have a spare.

I’d highly recommend this product if you have issues with perspiration getting in your eyes.

Amazon link, with more reviews.


Now all you need is a tank (bottle) to store for reuse later. :wink:

“GUTR Juice”